[EN]Information and Rules

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[EN]Information and Rules

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CC was established in 2011 by cc151, oOAlliOo and HarriOrri took over the server in the middle of 2016 after having been admins from the beginning. Todays owners are oOAlliOo and Mc_VaDeR.

CC.Minecraft.is is a minecraft server that runs PaperSpigot 1.14.x. CC is a pure Survival/PVP server, and the game rule is that you are to survive as long as possible, collect blocks, ores etc. And fight other players.
Players can establish factions or a crew, so that many players can join forces and fight other factions.

Gamemode is and will be set to Normal.

Old maps

We have a big collection of old maps from cc.minecraft.is
All maps are located at http://cc.spordx.net/maps


How to i donate to CC ?
- To donate to the server please visit the following url http://cc.minecraft.is/styrkja and choose what you want to get for the donation.

What do i get for donating ?
  • If you donate 50$ you will get a VIP+ rank
    • 3x /sethome
    • /kit vip+ (2x spawner), /kit enderchest (Total 3x spawners pr.map)
    • + Inherit all items from superdonator and vip
  • If you donate 30$ you will get a VIP rank
    • 3 x /sethome
    • /kit spawner, /kit armor, /kit dtools, /kit enderchest, /kit starter
    • + Inherit all items from Superdonator
  • If you donate 15$ you will get a Super Donator rank
    • /hat
    • /kit starter
    • /spawner command
  • If you donate 17$ you will receive an extra spawner that is valid for 1 map
  • If you donate um 20$ you can receive 1 unjail if you are jailed
Clause for donating
  • Refunds are not possible, because this is a donation for the server, not purchase of product.
  • Ranks cannot be moved from one user to another.
  • Admins reserve the rights at anytime to change permissions for any user, mute or ban any user as punishment.
  • Whomever can ask for the reason for a ban, mute or loss of permissions from Mc_VaDeR or oOAlli on the discord channel, but they are not forced to unmute, unban or give users perms again in no way.
  • CC is not responsible for users that change their usernames.
    This clause can be changes at any time by the server owners.

How long untill i receive the item after donation?

If you pay with Kass or Paypal, then the changes will be processed as soon as the donation is received.


Here are the rules for CC.Minecraft.is, if someone violates these rules, the same person can expect a mute, jail or ban.

Nr.1: It is strictly forbidden to have and or use X-RAY.
Nr.2: It is strictly forbidden to have and or use mods/hacks/tools that give advantage in-game.
Nr.3: It is forbidden to use flaws or bugs in-game.
Nr.4: Grief is prohibited within 100 blocks from spawn, but otherwise griefing is NOT allowed on this server!
Nr.5: PvPlogging is forbidden (It is PvPlogging if you logout just before you are attacked)
Nr.6: All spamming in the chat will be punished by mute!
Nr.7: The server Admins are online to help users, so please be respectful.
Nr.8: Do not collect mobs for more than 30 minutes. The server will automatically clear mobs after 30 minutes that are allocated in spawner traps.
Nr.9: It is forbidden to name weapons inappropriate names, and the punishment is jail up to 5 days if the user persists.
Nr.10: Displaying personal information in the chat or private messages regarding other players is strictly forbidden, and will be punished with a permanent mute.
Nr.11: If you spam the /spawner command the admins have the right to remove the permission to use the /spawner command.
Nr.12: Auto walking (in nether or main world) is forbidden.
Nr.13: It is forbidden to use the LWC-plugin to build traps (private chests, furnaces etc.)
Nr.14: It is forbidden to create and use AFK pools etc.
Nr.15: It is forbidden to assist other players that are using X-RAY to mine diamonds etc. The punishment is the same as rule 1.
Nr.16: It is forbidden to set home in other players bases for raid purposes.

Chat rules
Nr.1: Show mutual respect, not just to the admins, but to everyone on the server!
Nr.2: Swearing in the chat is not allowed.
Nr.3: There are young players on the server so do not post inappropriate links or use foul language!
Nr.4: All inappropriate behavior is forbidden!
Nr.5: Advertising other servers is stricly forbidden. You can register and use the minecraft.is forum to advertise.

The Admins can forbid you to do things not listed in the rules

The Admins can ban you, mute you, jail you or remove your permissions for whatever reasons they see fit, and are not listed in the rules.

The Admins have the final saying in matters that are disputed, regarding interpretation or validity of the rules above.

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